Bus Schedule

  • To Be Announced


  • Need after-game meal volunteers for:
    • Game 1 – 11AM Saturday – T Worthington – WIESNER
    • Game 2 – 4:40PM Saturday – Col St Francis DeSales – HALFORD
    • Game 3 – 7PM Sunday – SWM Blades – NAWN
    • Game 4 – Monday- Time TBD – Opponent TBD – NEED VOLUNTEER

PLEASE POST BELOW IF YOU CAN TAKE A GAME.  If you have not signed up yet, maybe you should?  Good New Year’s resolution, perhaps?


  • OBM Arena


Individual Game Tickets:

  • Adults – $6.00
  • Senior Citizens (>65) and Students (12-17) – $4.00
  • Children (under 12) – Free

All weekend Tournament Passes:

  • Adults – $15.00
  • Senior Citizens (>65) and Students (12-17) – $10.00
  • Children (under 12) – Free

And I quote. . .

“Please instruct your parents/spectators that they must buy their ticket/passes at the Arena front desk before entry into the particular rink for that day/game. When entering the rink prior to the game, a Tournament Volunteer(s) will punch the appropriate date on the pass or collect individual game tickets for that day/game and will provide a wristband to manage gate activity. The color of the wrist band will change daily, so even if they have a pass, they must stop at the rink entrance prior to the game (or first game if your team has two games scheduled for the day) so a Tournament Volunteer can punch the pass for the day and provide the new color wristband.”

Game Schedule


Gifts For The Anal-Retentive

1478036284_pdf  Full Schedule

1478036284_pdf  Tournament Rules

1478036284_pdf  Overtime Rules

Joke Of The Day

So, why did the mushroom to go the party?

Because he was a FUNGI.


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