The Good News

I really don’t have any.

The Bad News

Last year we paid for the photobooks from available funds.  Well, we don’t have that this year.  To make it worse, the cost is a moving target.  Cost is less if we buy more and cost is more if we have more pages.  So, I can give you a best and worst case.

  • Best case:  $27.00 per book if everyone buys and page count is similar (which it should be).
  • Worst case:  $35.00 per book if a few decide not to buy and page count goes up (which it could).

What Are You Buying?

This is a PDF dump of last years book.  It is bound and hardcover (not the PDF).  The PDF looks awful.  The actual book won a Pulitzer for “Best High School Hockey Year Book In Northern Summit County, Ohio.”

1478036284_pdf Last Memory Book

Want A Book?

PLEASE, complete the form EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WANT ONE.  Simple form.  Take you 3 minutes (unless you type with one index finger).


Close It Up

There will be no list of buyers/no buyers for this.  It’s expensive and it’s your decision.  And, I really don’t care if you want one.

Email me if you have questions.

(did you complete the form linked above?)

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