Junior Varsity Wrestling Tournament Fundraiser

2018 Hudson Athletic Booster Club’s

Junior Varsity Wrestling Tournament Fundraiser

Mat and Weight Class Sponsorship

The Hudson Athletic Booster Club is proud to announce the third Annual JV Wrestling Tournament Fundraiser at Hudson High School on Saturday, January 27, 2018.  Help us make the event a success by being a mat or weight class sponsor.

  • Mat Sponsorship is $200 and your team earns $50 in earned funds.
  • Weight Class Sponsorship is $100 and teams earn $25 in earned funds for their team, for each sponsor they secure.
  • Mat sponsors will be identified with signs at the mats.
  • Weight Class sponsors will be identified with signs at the brackets.
  • Both will be announced at the mats during the event and displayed on the large sign in the main gym.

Please find the form attached.

1478036284_pdf JV Wrestling Tournament Mat and Weight Sponsorship

Photo Book | Request

Photobook 2017-2018

It’s about time to start work on the photobook for this year.  Will you help me, please?

I want to add a youth hockey picture of each player.  The younger the better.  Please dig through your photos and email the photo to me.  You can email it to matt.v@labelmatch.com.


  • email 1 youth hockey photo of your son to matt.v@labelmatch.com
  • please include his age at the time the photo was taken

What If I Don’t Send A Photo?

You will look like a huge dork that does not love your son.

Thanks for the help.  Matt

Warriors | The Final #s


Thank you to everyone for their support in our Warrior fundraiser!  We sent $4175 to this worthy organization!  Proud of Hudson Hockey for their contributions to wounded veterans of the Ohio Warriors Sled Hockey team.


Weekend Bus Schedule | Strongsville


Sat 1/13 our first game is at 11:00am, we will have a bus leave at 8:45am from HHS. We have a second game at 4:40pm, we will be staying at the ice rink in between games.


Sun 1/14 our game is at 7:00pm, we will have a bus leave HHS at 4:30pm.


Monday is up in the air until after Sunday night.


  • Please be at the bus 15 minutes early.
  • Dress code for the weekend is sweatsuits all weekend.
Thanks.  Dom

Team Lunch on Saturday

HHS Hockey Families,

Saturday after our 11am game at Strongsville Hudson Hockey players, coaches and managers will be having a team lunch. We have arranged for them to have a team lunch in the gallery, a private space at the rink. All players will need to bring $15 cash to cover the cost of lunch.
Chicken Tenders with Buffalo and BBQ sauce on the side.
French Fries
Tossed Salad with Ranch and Italian dressing on the side.
Powerade – red and yellow
Hopefully, having lunch at the rink will give the players ample time to eat and relax before their second game.