January 10 Update

Night At The Races Date: April 4th The hockey team has been asked to donate wine and/or liquor. If you are donating, please contact Chris Villeanuve at chris@villenauve.org or 330.221.6951. She will pick it up. Cycle Bar Fundraiser A tad bit ‘o copy-n-paste. . . The Boosters and CYCLEBAR have partnered up to offer your…

Thursday – Pasta Dinner – Jan 9

A Feast Awaits Thursday’s pasta dinner (Jan. 9th) will be hosted by the Downing family. Their home is located at 6088 Ledgeview Drive, Peninsula, the dinner will be located at the carriage house to the right of the house. No donations are necessary. Thank you to the Downing family for hosting.

Warrior Benefit Game Update

Ohio Warrior’s Hockey If your are unfamiliar with who The Warriors are and why we support them, please take a few moments to visit. They served so we can play. When Benefit will be before and during the January 4th game vs Benedictine at KSU. Game time is 6:30pm. Immediate Need – Bake Sale Items…

Cyclebar | Make Some Benjamins

The Boosters and CYCLEBAR have partnered up to offer your team an opportunity to bring in EARNED FUNDS for your designated team.   With every $30 ride your team can earn $15 to earned funds and $15 for the general Booster fund!  That’s right, 100% of the proceeds are being donated back!! So whether you are…

Thornton Park Tournament

Brackets and Rules For your viewing pleasure. . . There will be a quiz on the 13 different overtime variations.

Thank You Downings! (Plus Pasta Dinner)

HOW ‘BOUT THOSE HOODIES! Holy cats! Whatayathink of those sweet things!? Huge thank you to the Downings for the amazing threads. High marks, all around. PASTA DINNER Reminder: Pasta Dinner at the Clarks tomorrow night, Thursday, Dec 12th.

It’s A Big Update | REALLY BIG!

OK, it’s not that big. Website Updates If you are not signed up for the website blog, you wont get updates. I do see many/most of the new famileis are not signed up. Of course, me stating this, when they wont get this update, does very little. I do feel better. Still at the bottom…

Update Nov 16, 2019

PICTURES Tuesday, November 19th 4:20 PM NO bus rides provided Navy jerseys Photo forms were passed out on Thursday WARRIORS DONATIONS Please continue to consider donations of gift cards and large items for the Warrrior benefit. Please do get your items to Danielle or Chris.

HHS Hockey Updates Nov 14

WARRIOR BENEFIT Chris and Danielle Koerbel are still collecting gift cards or large items for Warriors. WINTER HATS Winter hats are available for $20. MORE HATS These are also available for $20 (those of you who committed to buy, I remember who you are). Still have about 15 left. Contact matt.v@labelmatch.com or text to 330.221.6949.