Parent Meeting 09212017

NOTE:  Caleb, Paige, Tricia, contact me if you want any modifications to the notes from the meeting (below).


-Finish your fall sport before beginning captains practices. “I don’t want them until they are done.” If you get permission from the coach, that’s fine.
-First official day of practice is Oct 25th
-Caleb will be on the bench until close to Turkey Day.
-Missing Practice: If they are going to miss a practice, text asst coaches or captain. Communicate. Dont need a how and why.
-Missing Games: See above.
-Physicals: Should be done on final forms. Needs to be done in the next couple of weeks. Just get it in.
-Grades: Bad grades will get you off the team. Grades come out first of November-ish then mid-January. Have them get help right away.
-Player Fee: Still no final with Mr. Bedford. Just don’t know the number yet. Our cost this year is the exact same as last year.
-New: New white jerseys, sponsor for new 3rd jersey. Overall ordered 70+ jerseys.
-Schedule is on the website.
-We take buses to games. Report 15 minutes prior to bus departure.
-Goal is 15 minutes to get on the bus after the games.
-Driving To Practice: If your player has no ride to practice, text the coaches and they will help get a lift.
-Gear: Is all kept at the rink when it can be left at the rink.
-Gear 2: Make sure the gear fits level of play. Shoulder pad should meet elbow pad, elbow pad meets gloves.


-Questions by players, contact captains and asst captains.
-We organize all the volunteer stuff. Make their experience fun off the ice.
-We rely on everyone to volunteer. Everyone should volunteer. The team is small and counts on it.
-Sarah Halford – Board Rep at Kent State Rink
-Matt Villenauve – Website
-Philanthropy for Warriors Hockey – Donated over $3000 last year in our first year.
-Senior Night and Player Banquet plus Memory Book
-There are sign up sheets for everything and they will not be full after tonight, so please reach out.
-Game Meals: Subway donated last year. The parents were to give 24 hour notice and that did not happen. Not comfortable asking them to do it again. It was a bad reflection on us so we are hesitant to ask them to do it again. Instead, each parent will be responsible for one game. The meal is up to you but should be like sandwich, chip, drink (water is fine). They pick it up on the way onto the bus. Your count is 30 meals per game.
-Pasta Dinners: Karnofels will manage the signupgenius two weeks or so prior to each pasta dinner. All details will be provided prior to each meal.


-I generally do not respond to emails because I don’t have the answers.  Please email Paige if you have questions.
-Once all the lists are filled (meals for games, scoring, clock, etc.) we will post the schedule to the website.  It will not be posted until Paige returns the list to me.
-You should be subscribing to the calendar feed on the website.  This one you should contact me about if you are struggling.  No reason to recreate the calendar.
-If you want an email update when the website is updated, you need to “follow the blog.”  No follow, no notifications.  Look for this on the home page.



-Pre-Order team hats. There will be a sign up going around.
-Pre-Order for Warrior Ts coming as well.
-Last year we started Ohio Warriors Sled Hockey benefit. All wounded veterans. Play out of Columbus and they were thrilled that we would raise money for them. Great partnership. Came back to do a lunch in April. Been fun.
-Jan 6th vs Shaker is being targeted.
-Asking all kids to wear the T to school.
-Night of the event families wear the T to the game.
-Targeting 7 to 10 dollars as cost.
-Each family purchases a gift card for the basket raffle. USA Hockey also was giving last year.
-Will be 7 to 8 baskets raffled.
-Bake sale. Donate baked goods please. Made a bunch of $$ off that last year.
-Anything for a basket. I will make it work.


Hockey has two separate fees.
-$200 pay to play
-Hockey fee? To be announced.

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