Photo Book | Request

Photobook 2017-2018

It’s about time to start work on the photobook for this year.  Will you help me, please?

I want to add a youth hockey picture of each player.  The younger the better.  Please dig through your photos and email the photo to me.  You can email it to


  • email 1 youth hockey photo of your son to
  • please include his age at the time the photo was taken

What If I Don’t Send A Photo?

You will look like a huge dork that does not love your son.

Thanks for the help.  Matt

One Comment Add yours

  1. Matt V says:

    Really good start on this. Reminder for those who have not submitted:

    Need these please:

    6 Matthew Roberts
    7 Robby Rischitelli
    10 Luke Karnofel
    12 Sullivan Clark
    15 Cameron Slifko
    19 Blake Lori
    22 Miles Harr
    27 Alex Movshin
    33 Nicolas Tomasulo
    50 Jonah Karnofel
    58 Jack Wiesner
    85 Casper Thorberg


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