Concessions Committee


Hello Parents of Hudson Athletic Students,

As we wind down the school year, we are already preparing for next years Fall Sports season. For the next 2 years Sports (as the Hudson Music Assoc. is currently) will be in charge of the concessions for the Fall, Winter, and Spring Seasons. Concessions are a huge financial supporter of all of the sports programs.

I will be taking on the chair position for the Concessions for the HABC as sports once again will regain charge.

It is with this information that I ask you to consider the donation, of some, of your time to joining the concessions committee. Sports is responsible for having at least 3 people on the committee.

We currently have 1 member.

My theory is, the more the merrier and more hands are less work for all. The positions do not include working in the concession stand, but preparing for the games and helping out with overall need of concessions, and helping with decisions that need to be made concerning the concession committee.

Joining the Concessions committee is a great way to learn how sports benefits from the money made through the Boosters. It’s a fun way to be involved in the HABC without a large time commitment and great way to network with other sports parents.
If you have any questions or would like to talk personally, please reply to and I will send you my cell number for more details.

Thank you so much for your consideration, ROLLHUD,

Tammy Brodbeck

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