2018 Rough Rider Holiday Tournament

Your voices have been heard!  You said, “Stanley Cup is over!  Where’s the hockey!”

Here it is!  It’s always here.

Feel free to set some of those Christmas plans in motion, ‘cuz here comes the Rough Rider Holiday Extravaganza (OK, it’s a tournament. . . my big words are more fun).

  • Games are on the calendar (Kent does a great job.  I don’t recall many last minute changes in the past)
  • Full schedule attached.  Same teams as last year.  For the second year running, we do not open with Kent.  Odd.

On a closing note, if you know any incoming freshman hockey fams, make sure they sign up on the site for blog updates.  As always, any updates I post come via the information-super-highway (this website).

Enjoy your summer.  Jingle-jingle.

1478036284_pdf  2018 Rough Rider Holiday Tournament Schedule

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