Parent Meeting | What To Bring

Hockey Parents:
Things to bring to meeting
Wednesday November 7th – 7PM – Auditorium (then breakout room/Ice Hockey – C212)

This meeting is MANDATORY for all winter players and parents.

Warrior Fundraiser November 17th. Please bring your gift card(s) or any other items you would like to donate for our basket raffle🇺🇸🇺🇸

2) $10.00
Dan Devoe Fundraiser is also November 17th.  They have asked each team to make a basket.  Hockey is collecting $10 from each family (obviously if you would like to donate more that is fine!). We are making a lottery Christmas tree🌲🌲

3) $20.00
Rocky River Tourney
On Saturday, November 24th, the team will head to Dave and Busters between games. They will have a private room and a buffet lunch.  Please bring $20 to cover all expenses.  If they would like to play games, that is an additional cost.

Sorry, it seems like a lot all at one time, but this is it until Banquet!

Questions, contact Tricia Lori

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