Notes From Parent Meeting

Some notes from Caleb’s comments at the Nov 7 parent meeting.

  • We will use last year’s warmups
  • We can still get last years version for freshman to match.  They will need to be purchased.
  • Dec 22nd game date will be changed or cancelled.
  • Practice Bus – Players can not drive other players to and from practice.  Solo only.
  • If your player is not taking the bus after the game, the form releasing him has to be turned in to to the AD office prior to the game.
  • Complete your Final Forms
  • Expecting 27-29 players this year.  Roughly 9D, 14-15F and 3-4G.
  • Only 20 will dress
  • 7-9 will rotate in and off the game dressed roster.  Being on the bench is not a guarantee they will play.
  • Caleb says, if there is an issue, you can call me or text me.
  • Gonna be a lot of games.  If we play 5 tournaments, we could hit 35 games this season.
  • Game days – Suits.  Sport coat and tie are fine.  Tie is required.
  • Tournaments – generally we wear warm-ups.
  • Booster rep is now Chris Villenauve

If you have information to be posted to the website please forward to Matt Villenauve.

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