2019 Pioneer Classic

Below you will find the full schedule

If you want the spreadsheet form, you can find the full schedule here.

Below is just our games and possible games.

This schedule will not (yet) be posted to the calendar. Changes are not uncommon.

Some info from scheduler:

Good evening.  We hope that your season is going well thus far. It is hard to believe that the 2019 Pioneer Classic Ice Hockey Tournament is only 2 weeks away.  We have a 14 Varsity teams and 6 Junior Varsity teams competing in the tournament this year. The schedule has been prepared and the entire schedule will be available soon.  Your team will be participating in the Varsity Orange division.  There are 8 teams participating in the Orange division divided into 2 brackets (Orange-East and Orange-West).  Each team will be scheduled to play 3 Round Robin Games within their bracket.  Teams will be matched up with the team in the opposite bracket (Orange-East vs. Orange-West) finishing in the same place for the Sunday championship and consolation games (1st place in Orange-East will play 1st place in Orange-West for the Championship, and 2nd place in Orange-East will play 2nd place in Orange-West, 3rd place in Orange-East will play 3rd place in Orange West and 4th place in Orange-East will play 4thplace Orange-West in the consolation games).

East Teams:        Hudson, Lake Catholic, Olentangy Orange, Shamrock Prep. Hockey Club

West Teams:      Linsly, Mentor, Newark, Olentangy

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