Night at the Races

Hudson Boosters Spring Fundraiser in on April 20th, we are two months away. We are asking every team to help make this a successful fundraiser. We are asking in place of baskets for each team to donate gift cards, bottles of wine valued at $10 or more, sports tickets, lottery tickets, liquor etc. If every team could contribute the fundraising committee will than make the baskets. All items need to be in by March 20th. We would also like each team to sell five tickets and five horses. We appreciate all the help in making this fundraiser successful to benefit all of our athletics. Thanks so much!-Jennifer Heisa-Beltrano

NOTE: If anyone would like to give your items to Chris Villenauve, she will get them to Jennifer. You can leave the item you sign up for at 34 Stratford Rd before March 19th. Just send Chris a text (330-221-6951) when you leave an item on the porch so she can grab it.

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