Booster Update 04192019


And I quote. . .

“Team Reps-
Please let your teams know as well that the event is sold out and tickets are NOT available to buy at the door. 
Thanks so much! 
-Jennifer “


More quoting (lesser known as copy and paste)…

All,I just looked at the sign up for delivery day May 11th.    We have 13 of 50 needed student athletes and 5 of needed 25 adult drivers.    Please push your your teams to sign up as we need all the help we can get.  
Please get your orders in a soon as you can so we can make more money for HABC.
Lastly, I have about 10 yard signs left.  If you live in a relatively high traffic area and  would be willing to put a sign in your yard, please send me your address.  I will drop a sign off and let you place it where you would like.  I would come pick them up sometime in lat May.   Thanks!

Michael Gasser216.789.1768

NOTE: See the website for more information on the Mulch Drive

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