It’s A Big Update | REALLY BIG!

OK, it’s not that big.

Website Updates

If you are not signed up for the website blog, you wont get updates. I do see many/most of the new famileis are not signed up. Of course, me stating this, when they wont get this update, does very little. I do feel better.

Still at the bottom of every page:


Photos from 3 of our games are now posted on the website. See “photos” in the menu. It’s always faster to get them off Ken’s Twitter feed @KMKlemencic. If you see Ken at the rink, kiss his feet. Nobody shoots hockey like he does.


Thank you to the Koerbel’s for the roster cards. That is awesome, right? For those of you that have already lost it, you can find the roster online here: (also in the main header menu).

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