Update Feb 13

  • First two Baron cup games are on the calendar.
  • Practices for next week are on the calendar. Bus departure times are shown.
  • Photobooks, below


Freshman parents, we do a team photobook. Some have said it’s pretty nice. But, it is pricey. Purchasing the book is optional. All players are included but players that got more ice time had more photos taken and have a bigger presence in the book. I think Burke’s only photo his freshman year was his profile photo. I try to include everyone (I have been tagging photos all season for this purpose). Our discounts are not largely affected if a few decide not to buy.

Soon, a link will be posted with approximate cost. You can opt in/out at that time.


  • Photobooks will not be done for the banquet. We wont have final photos, state game results and Hub articles in time.
  • They will be ready by winter banquet.
  • To keep the cost down, page count has to stay below 40 pages. All players, including seniors, will get a half page profile this year. Senior books will be individualized (ie, Luke will get all player profiles and and expanded Luke profile).


  • Since we are expanding and individualizing senior profiles, senior parents will complete a season end (career end) survey that will be published in whole/part in your son’s book only. I will post the survey soon.


My timing sucked. As I was leaving my office, the hockey team was leaving Johnny’s Diner. A hockey player gassed it through Acme’s parking lot and almost pancaked me. The ugly part is that a second hockey car was chasing. Bad stuff there. Of course, couldn’t be your kid, right?

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