January 10 Update

Night At The Races

Date: April 4th

The hockey team has been asked to donate wine and/or liquor. If you are donating, please contact Chris Villeanuve at chris@villenauve.org or 330.221.6951. She will pick it up.

Cycle Bar Fundraiser

A tad bit ‘o copy-n-paste. . .

The Boosters and CYCLEBAR have partnered up to offer your team an opportunity to bring in EARNED FUNDS for your designated team.  With every $30 ride your team can earn $15 and $15 for the Boosters!  That’s right, 100% of the proceeds are being donated back!! So whether you are an experienced rider or want to try something new this is a great opportunity for your team.  Let’s start 2020 off with a SPIN so sign up today!

When: January 13th @ 8pm
Where: Cycle Bar HudsonWhy: To raise money for the HABC and your specific sports teams! Each donation that riders make to cycle will be split between one designated sports team and HABC. How much: $30 is the suggested donation to ride but we will never turn away more! How to signup: Just click on the link and fill out the info- it’s that easy!! 

Mulch Drive Volunteer

The boosters are seeking a new Grand Leader of Mulchness. Somebody needs to lead the charge. If interested, contact Denny Palmer (HABC Presidente) at 330.593.1142.


If you are one of the chosen few (20) that will be drawing for the fee car, compliments of Joey Huang and Great Lakes Honda, do know, you are not forgotten. A date for fob fiesta is upcoming.

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