DOUBLE IT!! Warriors Benefit-Last Call

UPDATE # 2 (Rocky River Game In Progress)

WHOA! Great gobs of generous goodness. 8 hockey families and 1 prior HHS hockey family really stepped up. $1015 additional dollars raised. Company match takes it to $2030 cabbages for the Warriors.

There is still time. Please do get your checks to Chris at the River or Shaker game this weekend or venmo me at @mattvillenauve.

Still another $485 available to match. That would take us to $3000 on this last push (with the match) and almost $5000 overall!

Thank you to all that have donated and all still considering a generous gift. They fought so our kids can skate.

UPDATE # 1 (Now outdated)

Awesome start. $250 dollars in additional donations! Doubler takes it to $500 for our vets.

There is still time. Please do get your checks to Chris at one of the games this weekend or venmo me at @mattvillenauve.

Let’s sweeten the pot again. If you donate between now and Sunday, I will arrange a highly enthusiastic high-five from any HHS Hockey player. Can’t beat that! $ is doubled and a high-five!

For Starters

Thank you to all the volunteers this weekend. I could start a laundry list of names but that will end tragically as someone will be left out. So here it comes, “Hey, [insert your name you awesome volunteer], you are THE BEST. Thank you for all you did for our veterans.”

Last Call

We are so excited about how everything played out. However, we did not meet our donation goal. But, if you donate by Friday, my company will match all donations up to a total of $1500.00.

Let’s do this crazy math. Example:

  • You donate $125.00
  • Labelmatch matches your $125.00
  • That’s $250.00 = an hour of ice time for our vets

How Do You Jump On Board?

Two options:

  1. Venmo me: @mattvillenauve
  2. Get a check to me or Chris at any game this weekend

I will get you a receipt.

In The End

If you all (dontate now) can help us (write that check now) get to another $1500.00, plus the $1500.00 match (what are you waiting for?) that’s another $3000.00 for our amazing veterans. If you don’t donate, I am pulling my best Sally Struthers. πŸ™‚

Thank You

Thank you for considering a donation or your second donation. If you have any questions, I welcome your call at 330.221.6949 or email at

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